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    Job title: Location Supervisor

    Department:Location Management

    As a Location Supervisor you work for StaySolutions and ensure a pleasant stay at the location(s) for residents, that is our mission. You play an important role in the quality of life at the location, the living experience of the residents and compliance of the procedures and guidelines. Thanks in part to your efforts, we can jointly ensure that migrant workers have a pleasant stay and that local residents do not experience any inconvenience.

    Migrant workers will be informed by you on arrival about all important information for their stay. You fulfil the role of host and supervisor and work according to fixed procedures and guidelines from the House Rules and the cleaning manual.

    Accurate administration provides insight into who is staying at the location, for StaySolutions, the employer and the municipality. You are responsible for keeping the Night Register up-to-date and for the registration you follow the Check-in and Check-out procedure.

    Every day is different! You receive the new residents, take care of administrative work, you ensure a clean location, carry out minor technical maintenance and answer questions from residents. In short, a challenging and varied working environment at various residential locations in the Netherlands where labour migrants are housed.

    In order to properly perform your duties and responsibilities, it is very important that you have a flexible and positive attitude, have a professional attitude and are socially and communicatively skilled. Where people live together, there is also sometimes a discussion or disagreement. You must be able to manage this properly and point residents to the applicable rules through positive communication.

    You work independently on the residential location, but at StaySolutions we work on our mission as one team. As a Location Supervisor you are socially involved, you are firmly in your shoes and you are the business card of StaySolutions on location. A wonderful challenge and unique experience!

    There are five roles at the basis of guiding the locations:

    •Support and guidance of residents (on arrival, during the stay and on departure);

    •Administration: registration and management of resident and visitor data;

    •Periodic quality inspections and ensure compliance with the house rules;

    •Technical maintenance and cleaning;

    •Education and communication.


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